Friday, August 31, 2012

Race #10 : torchlight 5k

Hurricane Issac was the theme of the run. It started pouring when I left the grocery store this afternoon and would let up for a few minutes before starting again. I was soaked before the race even started.

The course was a T and the rain stopped for most of the race. The top of the T was up and down hills, wet hills and it was miserable. I was aiming for sub 12 min miles for the whole thing and ended up with an average pace of 11:55. My splits didn't look as pretty though.

Mile 1 : 11:44
Mile 2 : 11:40
Mile 3 : 12:47
Mile 4 : 9:30

My official chip time was 37:49. I placed 407/536 overall and 51/73 for my age group.

4 of the nurses from my ER ended up running it also and this was the first time I've had anyone at the finish cheering for me, as they all finished before me. We all went back to the ER to grab our things and change into whatever dry clothes we had and then went out for dinner and beer afterwards.

Overall it wasn't a bad race for my first ever in the rain and was fun overall.

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