Sunday, August 12, 2012

Busy day!

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day! I ran the wounded warrior 5K, went to my cousins last little league game of the season, gave blood and then took my cousins to the park and played for a few hours while my aunt went to a wedding.

For specifics on the Wounded Warrior 5K you can read my race recap in the previous post. I do want to talk about the fact that it's the first time I ran a race and then had to continue to run to finish up my mileage for a training plan. Honestly this is the first time I've used an honest to goodness training plan. I didn't mind it so much as I was just ready to be done. In hindsight there are two reasons for this, 1 I didn't plan my extra and ended up just running aimlessly around the park but I knew I wanted to end up back at my car so I didn't stray to far; and 2 was that I didn't bring water with me because I assumed that the race would have a water stop and that I'd be good on water with that, I was wrong and had to run 4 miles sans hydration. This is also the first time I've used KT tape! I've having some problems with plantar fasciitis and I stopped by the running store and picked up some KT tape. I could definitely tell it made a difference in my stride and my calf muscle on the left felt a little sore afterward but overall my foot felt great so I think I'll keep using it.
KT tape
After the run I grabbed a bite to eat and some water and headed to my cousins last little league game of the year! Can I just say that watching kids this young play baseball is adorable! Some of them are really good but they still want to play in the dirt when they can! His younger sister also plays t-ball in the same league and my aunt informed me that when his sister plays, J runs on the track around the fields and has told her that he's training to run a marathon with me! I thought it was so cute but I did tell him after his game that you would have to run the track 105 times to make a marathon (it's a 1/4 mile) he didn't want to run that marathon anymore but he's up for a 5K or 10K anytime he told me! Also, is it just me or does running a 1/4 mile track 105 times still sound better than running 26.2 miles?
J up to bat!
After the ball game I went to give blood at a memorial blood drive in honor of a paramedic I know well son. He passed away 2 years ago and this is her second blood drive in his memory. I saw a lot of EMT and paramedics that I know from the city and a couple of my coworkers, I'm glad that at least a handful of people from my ER came out to support her.
Bleeding for a good cause!

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