Sunday, November 25, 2012

Race #13 Dan Jones Black Friday 6K

Well since I worked on Thanksgiving and couldn't do a turkey trot and because I had overslept on the day of my 10K earlier this month, I decided to do a Black Friday 5K. I thought to myself what a cute idea!

I managed not to oversleep this race, mostly because I didn't get off work until 4:30 and only slept for an hour or so before I got up to get ready. It was about 45 degrees when I left my house and I decided it would be a brilliant idea to wear shorts. I never, ever, ever, ever run races in shorts! I don't know what made me decide that it was a bright idea this day of all days. In my defense I was actually pretty warm when I left the house. My dumb ass forgot that the run was around a lake and it was windy and cold and I sat in my car until the race started at 9. The cold air was hell on my asthma as well. It was also a 6K, not a 5K.

The race was small and on a course I was very familiar with. I think that if I had worn something warmer and perhaps something to cover my mouth and nose to warm and humidify my breath, I could have done much better than a 13:04 pace.

After I was finished I went straight to my car, I was so cold and so tired and miserable I didn't want anything to do with the finish line festivities, I just wanted the fabulous heater my car had to offer. From what I was told for the size of the event the finish line fare was outstanding. I know before I ran I noticed lots of water, fruit, baked goods, coffee and hot chocolate.

Unofficial time 48:45. I still haven't managed to find any listing with an official time or any kind of ranking. So I'm going with the garmin.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Weight Watchers Has Taught Me

In less than a week weight watchers has put a very large spotlight on something I've been in a little bit of denial about, I EAT ALOT! I don't eat very healthy either.

For example, I get 29 daily points and 49 weekly points for splurging, plus an activity points I earn for my workouts. Here's how many points I have consumed so far…

Sunday 53
Monday 38
Tuesday 65
Wednesday 39

I've earned 24 activity points which still leaves me 6 points in the red for the week. This wouldn't be a problem as my usual workout burns 7 points per day. However I am done with my workouts for the week as I'm working Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I'll have to fit one more workout in after a 12 hour shift sometime in the next 2 days so I don't go way over, that's provided I stay at or under my 29 daily points for the next 3 days.

This is going to require better planning and much more discipline.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weight Watchers

Well I've finally had enough, I was down to 179 at the beginning November, then back up to 184 and I had just kept doing over and over again, lose a couple pounds, gain it right back. I was just so fed up. I have no self control and I work in a place where everyone brings snacks. We work 12 hour shifts and are usually so busy that lunch means taking 5 minutes to eat a sandwich in the clean room. For me this usually meant ordering pizza or a burger and fries and just grabbing a bite whenever I could.

Enter weight watchers, I've tried calorie counting but I could never remember to write everything down and then I would eat over my calorie limit for the day and be upset and want to give up and I did. Time after time I just gave up and in my failure I would binge, it doesn't seem to be any one thing in particular, some times its sandwich after sandwich or lately anything sweet. Craving sweets really isn't like me, I usually am not a sweets person at all but the craving has been there and I've eaten everything sweet in my house.

I'm not saying that I have been perfect on the weight watchers plan but I'm sticking with it at least for now. I weighed in last week at 184 and today's weigh in was 180.6 so I've made some progressive. Maybe the more weight loss I see the more I'll stick with it.

I still have the possibility of safely making it down to 169 by the end of the year but it will a lot of hard work.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another DNS

Yesterday provided me with yet another DNS for the record books. I've registered for 17 races and have run 12 with 2 in the future. I had to switch my races, I'm running a 5k in November and a 10K in December. I have decided to give up my work Christmas party in order to run the 10k in December since I will have to travel to get to it but there will be bling!

I'm discovering that trying to run a race after I work the night before doesn't work well for me. I've tried for 3 and only run 1 which was a night that I worked 6pm - 6am instead of my usual 2pm - 2am. In my defense one of the 2 I was so sick that running just wasn't a good idea anyway. The run yesterday was simply that I slept through my alarm after a particularly busy night at work. I scheduled 1 more race after a night at work. I'm going to run a 5k the Friday after Thanksgiving. Holidays tend not to be that busy in the ER so I'm hoping for an easy night and maybe that the census will be so low they can send me home early.

I'm determined to finish this goal for 2012. Some people would say I've already run my 12, which was my primary goal but at the same time, being the person that I am, I had set sub goals, the race every month and the 3/4/5 goal.