Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Goals

I've never set month to month goals before but I just decided I wanted to try it for September so here goes.

  • Miles run : 70
    • The most miles I've ever run in a month was 49, back in October 2011, the month of my first half marathon. I'm working hard to train well for this October's half so I'm hoping to log a few more miles.
  • Races run : 1
    • I'm planning to travel to Dayton, Ohio (while listening to some Bowling for Soup, see below if you don't get it) for a 10K this month. Super Excited to run the US Air Force 10k!
  • Pounds to lose : 4
    • I've been stalled at 183 pounds for a while and I'd just love to be out of the 180's! I'm going to set up a traineo widget so you can follow along every time I remember to weigh and post. 
Nothing to demanding but hoping to encourage myself to push a little harder!
Bowling for Soup - Ohio

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