Monday, August 13, 2012

Meal Prep and Cross Training

Took the time today to plan out my meals for the week and to prepare the meals for the days I have to work. I am scheduled 2 days of bedside nursing and 2 days of class and when I have to work I tend to eat in the cafeteria and even though it's a hospital the choices aren't that healthy. I'm also making an effort to eat a serving of vegetables and a serving fruit everyday. So true to my OCD I used my big dry erase board to plan out every meal for the week and my training and my eye doctor appointment. :)
Meal Planning/Training/My Ceiling Fan
As you can see I have breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/work&workout planned out Sun-Sat. You can also see the reflection of my ceiling fan. Ha!

As for the training, today called for 20-30 minutes of an easy run or cross training. Right now an easy "run" is actually more of a walk so I figured I would head to the gym for a swim.

I took a swim class a few years ago when I was heavier and while we very rarely swam laps I don't remember it being that hard! I had to swim a length and rest, repeat. I can definitely see this becoming a great cross training especially since I can easily measure my improvement in three ways, number of lengths I can swim without stopping and distance in general and then eventually time.

The turkey loaf I made for dinner turned out delicious and I stuffed myself. I've never made this before. My favorite dish my mother made when I was growing up was always meatloaf. Since I've been on my not cooking red meat kick for a while now I wanted to make a really a real meal instead of the pizza and sandwiches I normally live off of. I know my mom makes her meatloaf tomato sauce and the recipe I used was with ketchup. Next time I think I will use the same recipe but substitute tomato sauce.  

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