Friday, August 3, 2012

I Did It My Way

I don't think I've ever posted pictures of my "before" on my blog, mostly because that wasn't the point of the blog but I'm feeling oh nostalgic.

The highest weight I'm aware that I was at was 209.
Going on a float trip!
Homemade Pizza

Then I realized how miserable I was, how tired I was all the time, how hard it was breathe. I split up with the guy I was dating/living with for other reasons and moved to my aunt's rental house. I was broke and in college and the house was a disaster and had no running water, but I couldn't afford to pay rent. I already had paid for a 1 year gym membership and so I went to the gym to shower. I decided that I was going to try to make myself a better person before I got back into a relationship. One thing I had wanted to do for years was to run a 5k.
So I did a 5k. I still can't say I've run a 5k without stopping but I can say I have successfully completed 7 5ks . 
Sprinting to the end of my second 5K
Running to the finish line of my first half marathon
Then I ran a half-marathon.
Then I ran another.

After finishing my San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon
And then another.

It's been a journey over 2 years and I've lost 27.5 pounds in that time. Maybe not the most impressive weight loss ever but it's steady and I'm maintaining it without hating it. Don't get me wrong I wish I'd been able to lose all 74 pounds I'd like to lose in a year or less but I haven't. I also haven't starved myself or killed myself at the gym. I've done it in a way that worked for me. 

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