Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy Day

I had a very busy day in which I did very little that was actually productive. Since kiddo is on spring break, his biological mother dropped him off at our house this morning before 8 am. I am by no means a morning person but I got up and packed a lunch for fiancé and then made breakfast for kiddo and I.

We spent a little time straightening up the house, and a significant amount of it was spent looking for my primary set of car keys. I keep my house key, my HID card for the gym connected to my primary car key fob and have a backup car key fob that has nothing else on it. In a moment of laziness sometime in the past couple of weeks I decided that the backup was closer and I wasn't locking the door so I just grabbed the backup and off I went. I haven't been able to find my primary set of keys since and it is driving me crazy! I really don't want to go pay another $10 for a gym HID card so that I have 24 hour access because I'm sure I will find the keys right after.

Anyway, about 10 am, kiddo and I had to hit the road. I work an hour and 40 minutes away from home but I only work about 4 shifts a month anymore so it isn't a big deal and it's nice to work in a smaller ER but when I have to attend mandatory training classes that only last 1 hour and are only scheduled during the week my kiddo is on spring break, it isn't so convenient. My parents live about 40 minutes south of my hospital so I asked my stepdad to hang out with kiddo while I drove to the hospital and did my training class and then drove back to them.

After all of that was said and done and I had retrieved kiddo, I had a 2 hour 10 minute drive to make it back home and my kiddo informed me about an hour into the drive his belly was bothering him. While he was with his biological mother this weekend he had an episode of vomiting and general yuckiness so I stopped in at the closest Wal-Mart to pick up some medicine and we stopped to grab a bite to eat. Obviously kiddo was not as interested in eating but he nibbled and we took his dinner with us.

The weather in my hometown was beautiful, 50 degrees, sunny and just spring like. The weather at home was 32 and snowy and by the time kiddo was ready for bed and read to and tucked in, it was dark. I decided to spend some more time trying to get my garmin connect mobile working before I headed out. I still wasn't able to sign in, it would let me create a new account but it wouldn't let me sign in with any of the logins I was able to make. Finally fiancé deleted the Garmin Connect Mobile App, reset the settings on my iPhone, and reinstalled the app. After that it took a couple of attempts to get the watch to fully sync to my phone but we did accomplish it! After all that stress I definitely needed a nice walk to help me relax. I sent fiancé a link for the live tracking and set off. A couple of things we didn't realize about the live tracking is that the link doesn't send until you actually start the activity and it runs about 3 minutes behind what I am actually doing. But it did make me feel a little safer about walking outside, in the dark, by myself.

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