Monday, March 10, 2014

Finally a Warm Day!

Today was the first really nice day that St. Louis has seen in a long while. After all of the snow and cold temps have kept me and my family stuck inside. I wanted the pools to be open so bad!

After I spent some time taking my dog to the vet for his shots and a check up, I came home to drop off the dog and strapped on my Garmin and my heart rate monitor. Since I only had a 15 minute walk on the schedule I figured it would be easy to just walk through the apartment complex to my bonus kid's bus stop. It ended up only being 3 minutes and I was early for the bus anyway so I walked up and down the block until I hit 15 minutes. I ended up getting 0.79 miles completed.

The plan says 25 minutes for tomorrow so I will actually get in more than a mile. Since I will have to get the kiddo off the bus again tomorrow I might just leave early again tomorrow and walk around the apartment complex again. This place is huge so I can definitely get the time in and it's hilly too so I get a little extra workout in from that.

After I got the kiddo from the school bus and made it home I decided that it would be a nice treat for him to get to go to the park after school since it has been so cold and he has been stuck inside so much lately. Since he is doing the Go! St. Louis Read, Right and Run Marathon I figured it wouldn't hurt to walk a little bit to get in his miles. I knew that there is a park a little more than a mile from where I usually park so we headed out.

We ended up walking about a mile and a half to the playground and it had a merry go round! Please someone else tell me they had this on their playgrounds when they were kids. I guess they have been removed from most playgrounds, are they to dangerous? I loved the merry go round as a kid! Bonus kid had never been on one and so we spent the bulk of our time playing on it. It was a blast and I'm sure it burned some extra calories.

We walked a little further down the trail so that we could use the pedestrian trail over the interstate which was apparently not as cool as he originally thought, so we headed back towards the playground and down to the public library right below it. We spent a little time reading books until dad/fiancé joined us at the library and ended up taking us back to my car.

I made a lasagna for dinner tonight and actually went through and added up all the calories that I put into so we would know approximately what we where eating in total. While I was making the lasagna  the boys went to the store and bought us patio furniture! We have a small backyard off of our townhouse and the fiancĂ© has been wanting something besides our grill out there for a while so now we have patio furniture.

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