Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shamrock Shuffle 5K

6:45 came very early this morning, but we both managed to get out of the house and make it to the church that was hosting the run. The only problem was that the race started almost a mile from the church. The race was through a subdivision and was an out and back. 

The morning was colder than the weather man had told us and my poor fiancé was freezing. Since it was a small race and it was the first time time this group had ever done a race there were some definite areas for improvement. The flyer gave the church as the address for the race so thankfully there were plenty of people walking toward the race start for us to follow. They did announcements with a bullhorn and also had a guy playing the bagpipe. These two things shouldn't have been going on at the same time, but they were and it made it difficult to hear the announcements. Since the parking lot was so far from the actual race start they decided to wait 10 extra minutes to start.

After we finally started, besides the cold, windy, overcast day, the race wasn't horrible. It was hilly and the roads weren't closed down to traffic but thankfully what little traffic there was was more than happy to drive around us and we all just stayed on one side of the road. The local police department provided several officers to help out with the course which was very nice. 

We ended up walking a little more than we ran but overall we finished about a minute faster than last months 5K. Overall it wasn't a horrible race but if they are going to do it again it could definitely use some fine tuning. My garmin data is below and I'll post a review of my garmin now that I've run with it tomorrow.

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