Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bike ride

Well, this week is the first week of the training plan that I put together for my fiancé and I. It is starting out with just short walks and then progressing into run/walk intervals after about 7 weeks. On Sundays there is no walking but I did want to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather so we decided to hit the local greenway on our bikes.

I had a minor snag in the plan prior to actually starting biking and had to make a quick trip to the local bike shop to have some air put in my tires. After that we both headed out with ambitious plans to ride 13 miles. Caleb's bike isn't a road bike like mine and probably still needs some adjustments to be truly comfortable for him so I ended up leaving him behind for a bit. We stopped around mile 5 and had lunch and then took off again.

I was feeling pretty great so I did the full 6.5 miles out and turned around, when I caught him after I turned around he went ahead and turned around. I ended up taking a break for a bit to see if he would catch back up with me but he didn't and I was mean so I went ahead and made it back to the car. I put my bike on the bike rack and decided to walk to catch up with him.

My legs were close to dead! I tried to run and found that I wasn't going anywhere fast and my heart rate was pretty high so I just walked. I walked back to the car with him and was so happy to just be done.

While the Garmin forerunner 220 doesn't have a bike setting I found that since I have the heart rate monitor the only real downside is that the watch tells me I set a new running record. It was easy to adjust the classification on Garmin Connect.

Does anyone else have Garmin Connect Mobile and had any trouble logging in with their Garmin Connect account? I can't get my account to log in on the mobile app. I emailed support this evening so we will see what they say.

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