Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two day Recap

So it definitely has gotten much colder here in St. Louis but thankfully we didn't get any more snow. I'm not going to lie I've never big a huge fan of winter but this winter has just been ridiculous. I guess I am not the only one complaining though, the blogosphere has been full of people whining about this winter.

Anyway on to happier things, I did my 25 mins yesterday and my 15 min walk today. I just stuck to the neighborhood for both for quick easy completion. I find the more elaborate I make the plans, the less likely I am to actually go do it, funny how that works huh?

Overall I'm feeling great, and I'm itching to get back to running. The whole time I am doing my walks I just keep thinking that if I just had a set distance instead of a time I could just run a little faster for a little while and I'd been done so much faster but I don't want to rush this.

The plan I have for my fiancé and I is essentially a 7 month marathon training plan so that we both ease into a consistent workout routine and stick with this whole plan. As for my fiancé, he to has so far stuck with the training plan as well and has been trying to do better with his food choices. His main motivation though is primarily "not to look fat in our wedding pictures".

As for the wedding, it's only 80 days away. I guess I better get to work on some things in that regard too...

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