Sunday, September 1, 2013

Holy Humidity

Sorry about the lack of blog post yesterday. I sat down to write one and ended up falling asleep and sleeping until 6 am today.

The boyfriend, bonus kid and I are in my little hometown for Labor Day weekend. We are spending the weekend with my parents who are of course spoiling bonus kid rotten!

Other than that I am falling behind on my runs. Friday I spent the day hanging out with bonus kid since he didn't have school and I was off of work. We went to the park and then ended up meeting up with my parents and my nephew to walk around one of the new malls in town, which is outdoors, bad idea for the midwest FYI. After that we all had dinner together and my parents headed to another mall and took bonus kid for some ice cream while we ran home to pack him a bag since he wanted so bad to spend the night in the hotel with his new extra grandparents.

Saturday was fairly busy for the boyfriend and I, he ran some errands in the early part of the day while I got a little extra beauty sleep and then we cleaned up the house, packed up and set off on our 2 and a half hour drive to my parents house. I grew up in a little country town in southeast Missouri, where I happen to also not get cell service with my Sprint cell phone, which makes me very happy actually, so I'm sorry if I miss something on the social media sites.

Since both days were scheduled for runs and I missed both, I needed to make sure that todays run was back on track. Today, boyfriend and I got up only a few minutes before my parents, they get up close to the butt crack of dawn, and we headed out for our W2D2 of C25K. It was so humid that we both felt pretty miserable and couldn't run all 90 seconds of the intervals but we did fairly well and completed 2.05 miles in 31 minutes running in the outdoors instead of in the gym under the fans. The temperature was 76 degrees, humidity was at 83% and it sprinkled a little on us during our run.

Something I desperately need to start doing is taking workout clothes to work and running after my shifts, that would be 630 or 7 am which is going to be the best time of day for a run in the muggy city of St. Louis. Also I should probably either buy a new garmin watch or at least find the USB so that I can download my runs.

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