Friday, August 30, 2013


That's been the best description for the past few days of my life. Between working 3 very busy in a row, working out all of those days and just keeping up with life it was very draining.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were my three 12 hour work nights this week, I ran Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and had a personal training session on Tuesday and Thursday. Maintenance had to come work on the apartment on Thursday so I managed to stay awake for 21 hours, while I was waiting for the maintenance people to come and go I went out for a Mani/Pedi, then gave blood and had lunch with my boyfriend. After all of that I came home and finally crashed. Apparently I really needed sleep since I slept for 18 hours.

Today I have a fairly relaxing day, I'm spending the day hanging out with the bonus kid since he is off of school and I'm off of work. I have a phone interview at 11 and then I think the bonus kid and I might go do some running around. I really need a pair of cross trainers, lifting in my running shoes is starting to get difficult.

I'm planning on running tonight after my boyfriend gets home from work and other than that it's just me and the kiddo hanging out at the house.

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