Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Crazy Schedule

After a wonderful weekend in my hometown with my parents and my boyfriend and bonus kid, its back to work. First however it is back to the gym.

My sleep schedule is out of whack yet again as I lived like a normal person over the holiday weekend. I slept until about 10 am today and lounged around the house for a few hours before finally realizing that I needed to get to the gym and get a nap in before work. I have a personal training appointment right after work tomorrow so I hate that I keep running, then working 12 hours and then doing my weightlifting.

My run went well enough, finished week 2 day 3 and had a little trouble towards the latter intervals, I started to feel nauseated so I slowed it down just a little bit. I made up most of it I just shortened all of my intervals.

I totally screw up my work schedule this weekend. I have to make my schedule 6 weeks at a time, usually at least a month prior to the schedule starting. I always ask my boyfriend if there is anything I need to ask off for when I make my schedule. Bonus kid's birthday is coming up and this weekend is his mom's weekend to have him. However, boyfriend and his ex wife and their families still do one birthday party for bonus kid and of course I wanted to be there. However I ended up scheduled to work the Friday night before the party. I asked around with the other charge nurses to see if anyone could trade me Friday for Thursday. Well out of the blue one of the ladies text me and said she could make the trade, of course I said YES! The only problem was the trade was Friday for Saturday not Thursday. Now I have to sleep until the party, then manage to get up for the party, leave early for work and work all night. Sigh, oh well, I'll figure it out.

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