Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Training Recap

Monday -  Biked 2.09 miles in 32:43. Mostly just around the basketball court at the apartment complex while fiance worked with bonus kid on riding his bike without the training wheels.

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Biked 5.76 miles in 36:52

Thursday - Personal Training

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Personal Training

Sunday - Rest

Missed one of my runs this week due to working extra and sleeping more than usual. Also I've been using runkeeper instead of my garmin forerunner 610 for tracking my activity lately. I loaned my garmin to one of my coworkers who is training for a marathon this October and she dropped it and cracked the screen. She is going to get it repaired and likely buy it from me anyway as I'm looking to upgrade to the garmin forerunner 620.

I've been reading lots of reviews about the forerunner 620 and I'm liking what I hear, especially that it is now water proof to 50 meters. The only hesitation I have to purchasing one is that there is no bike setting so all of the bike rides would count as runs and it would look like I was a super fast runner. I really like that they are going to have training plans as I have been looking to create a strong training plan that balances my weightlifting, biking and running efficiently. I am really interested to see the estimated recovery time that the watch recommends and it even can estimate your VO2 max. I'm like a kid at a toy store!

My run today was scheduled as a 3 miler but fiancé, bonus kid and I got flu shots and I pretty much always feel miserable after getting a flu shot and today was no different. I spent most of the day in bed.

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