Sunday, October 27, 2013

Training Recap

3 miler at the park across the street from work. I did the 4 minutes walk and 1 minute of run and I felt fine. Ended up finishing my 3 miles in 42:41.

Ran for 1 hour with the 4:1 intervals in the park across the street from work again. I completed 4.14 miles.

Personal Training appointment, mostly chest and back.

Rest day

Rest day

Rest day. Spent a little bit of time at the race expo. Picked up a stick to roll out my calves in addition to my foam roller. Got some cute gray and pink 5 inch inseam running shorts, a few GUs and a cute fleece hat to wear during runs so my head doesn't get cold. I couldn't spend much time at the expo since I barely made it to the event before it closed but overall it seemed like your standard rock n roll expo. There was a big brooks shoe that you could ride ala ride the bull but alas I did no try it out.

S. Louis Rock N Roll Half Marathon completed in 3:38:02. I had a lot of problems with my right ankle and ended up having to stop at a medical tent to get it wrapped but I did finish and I will have a race recap up soon. I never did the walk to run ratio, I just did whatever felt ok.

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