Monday, October 28, 2013

Rock N Roll St. Louis Half Marathon

I went into my last half marathon with very little training but at least with knowing that I was running a half marathon. I had completely forgotten that I had even signed up for this particular race. I just haven't been running and training like I should be. So overall this was a horribly slow race that I felt pretty darn miserable for most of the run.

I started the race by meet several of my coworkers at work and then we rode the metro link from downtown to the race start. My friends Rebecca and Tracy were doing the full and several of the doctors and nurses I work with were doing the half. I hung out with Rebecca and Tracy while we waited for the race to start.
We took selfies while we waited to start.
After the start, Tracy and Rebecca quickly left me in their well trained dust. I held a decent run/walk interval for a while before getting passed up my Dr. Mark, whom of course I had to grope, it just wouldn't be right if I didn't smack him on the butt, right? So anyway after I was mildly inappropriate with one of my physicians, I kept chugging along but I started to notice some pain in my right ankle. My 5K time was 43:23.

A very crappy picture of me somewhere around mile 6 when I smelled sausages. I tend to be my most social when I'm running so I of course I had to say something. So of course they gave me a PBR, cause why not? I was still maintaining a decent pace for my lack of training and my 10K time ended up being 1:29:12.

My ankle started to really bother me in mile 7 but I kept going knowing that I had a couple of coworkers waiting to cheer me on at the 8 mile marker. By mile 9 though I gave in and had the medical tent wrap up my ankle. After that I couldn't run any more but I was bound and determined to cross the finish line. I had had a couple of DNS but I have never had a DNF and I didn't want this to be my first.

My 10 mile time was 2:34:29 and the next three miles were even worse. I struggled to finish the race and even sat down a couple of times along the race to rest my ankle. I was limping pretty bad and the pain was making me miserable. That last 3.1 miles took me nearly an hour and I ended up finishing in 3:37:59.

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