Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Weeks Recap

  • Ran 3.3 miles in 51:44 in the park across from my work. Ran the same route as the very first 5K I ever ran.
  • Rest day
  • Personal Training Appointment
  • Ran 3 miles in 45:54 right after work in the park across from work. It was absolutely beautiful running at dawn, the weather was perfect and the run was wonderful.
  • Rest day  -  I was supposed to have a personal training session but I was so exhausted that I ended up spending the day sleeping.
  • Rest day
  • Ran the Go! St. Louis Halloween 5K with my fiancĂ©. My GPS showed a total of 3.38 miles in 47:02. Official time was 46:22 for me and 46:23 for fiancĂ©. 
  • Spent some time on the bicycles with bonus kid and my 9 year old cousin. Bonus kid is finally getting the hang of riding without the training wheels and soon I should have an extra buddy for my bike rides.

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