Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Go! St. Louis Halloween 5K Race Recap

Go! St. Louis is one of my favorite local race organizations. They put on more and more races every year and now I can say I've run one of each of their 3 races. Last year I volunteered for this race when it was only the 5K and 10K routes. This year they added a half marathon and had the 5K start at a different time. There was one water stop and sadly no port-a-potties, which turned out to be a downfall for me.

Overall, it wasn't the best race for me or fiance. His ankle was bothering him and I haven't been training, well, at all. My overall finish time for the 5K was 46:22 and his was 46:23. I won! Haha

The 5K started before the 10K and the half marathon so there weren't a ton of spectators on the course but the volunteers were nice, the weather was perfect and the course wasn't to hilly. The medal was kinda crappy compared to some of the other medals this organization has had in the past so that was my major source of disappointment in the race.

Only a few more days until my surprise half marathon...

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