Thursday, October 10, 2013

LIfe as an Absent Minded Runner

Well I had hemmed and hawed and thought about running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I've run the STL RnR every year since it came to town but I really haven't been in the best of shape and haven't been keeping up with my training. By the time I started putting a lot of thought into it, the price was 110 bucks for registration and I just couldn't bring myself to spend the cash on a half marathon that I wasn't trained for.

Fast forward to yesterday, I'm doing my daily computer routine, which starts with checking my emails. Inside my personal email is an email for my race confirmation. I was a little confused but apparently at some point I registered for the half marathon and now I'm running it in just a couple weeks.

So in case you were wondering I have 1 half marathon and 3 5Ks left before the end of the year, more if one of my coworkers talks me into a running series that runs from mid December thru to February with every other week having a increasingly long run.

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