Thursday, September 13, 2012

US Air Force 10K

So I realized I've been posting all about my vacation but very little about the reason for the vaca.

On Saturday I'll be running the USAF 10K. This race series is one that I wanted to do last year but by the time I finally decided I was actually going to all of the races had sold out.

This year I made it a priority and registered early. I chose the 10K distance to fulfill my 12 in 12 breakdown of 3-4-5. 10K races seem to be hard to come by compared to the other distances I wanted to complete. So I grabbed at this one, especially since I planned on doing the st. Louis rock n roll half in October and didn't want to do the 5k which is Friday night.

I've never been to Ohio before and it's another state to mark off my list. I booked a hotel close to the race early because I figured it would be booked up quickly. I originally planned on just Friday and Saturday nights and leaving Sunday afternoon but wasn't sure if I'd drive or fly. I've since purchased a new vehicle which made the long drive much easier to justify, better gas mileage, less concern for breakdowns, etc.

As for my hopes for this race, I want to have fun and get in my mileage for my half marathon training, which looks to be 7 miles so I'll need an extra 0.8 miles, no problem ideally.

My goals are
A: sub 1:12:00 (a PR)
B: sub 1:20:00
C: 1:25:00

I'm hitting the road now so I'll post once I hit Indy.

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