Monday, September 24, 2012

My First DNS

I have been feeling under the weather since I got back from Ohio. It started as miserable sinus infection that I managed to survive without getting a fever or calling into work but it finally went to my chest and produced a wonderful case of bronchitis. Work was fun what with the nurse coughing on her patients while she tried to start an IV or triage them. Anyway, the point behind all of this was to bring you up to Friday.

Friday afternoon I went into work and planned on coming home at 3 AM and grabbing a few hours of sleep before running a 5K. All went as planned until I woke up at about 6 AM coughing so hard that my chest and throat hurt to the point that I was in tears.

I took a large dose of nyquil to coat my throat and stop the coughing and ended up waking at 8:01 when my contractor was knocking on my door. The Alzheimer's 5K I was supposed to run was to start at 8 AM so I have officially gotten my first DNS or did not start for those not in the loop on the lingo.

I'm actually really, really bummed that I missed the race. I ran it last year and I lost my grandmother this year after a long battle with alzheimers. My aunt and cousins were planning to do the walk at 9 AM but the same cold kept them all at home as well.

I'm feeling better after a day of rest and medication but I'm still a little bummed about missing the race but glad that my money still went to an amazing organization!

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