Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well I made it to Ohio and to Fairborn without any real excitement.

Found the Wright State University Nutter Center easily and headed to the expo. Not a bad event but a little crowded. The setup was a little weird in my opinion, they had the vendors set up in the hall that wraps around the center and then the actual floor was just bib and goodie bag pick up with one vendor selling the official merch and the speaker area. I wanted some air force running shorts since I got my navy running shorts in June. They wanted 30 bucks for the official shorts and I was feeling cheap so I didn't it them. I also wanted a nice running hat but couldn't find one I liked enough to buy, luckily they provided one in the goodie bag and I really like it! I did pick up a few things and there was a lot in the goodie bag.

On the left are things I purchased, not including a 13.1 magnet that I already put on my car. I went ahead and picked up the 26.2 since I haven't been able to find the magnets in st Louis. The things on the right are all the things in the goodie bag, including some rice which I thought was interesting.

I had a late lunch at the spaghetti warehouse. The place was great! I loved the atmosphere and the staff was super awesome. I ate lunch inside of an old trolley and snapped a few pictures of the decor. The food was amazing and more than I could eat. I brought plenty home for dinner and even had a little left over for a snack tonight.

As for the race, I'll do a much more detailed post when I get back to Missouri. I will say I met my B goal. Which was still a PR. I'm not sure where I came up with the idea that I had to get a sub 1:12 for a new record. My overall time was 1:17:32, a new PR by 2:32. The was a great race and I'd recommend it to everyone! I can definitely see doing it again.

I'll be headed home I've decided to take a different route through Louisville. It'll be a 7 hour drive home, ugh!

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