Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A few odds and ends

So I posted the other day about my scale and how it seemed to be stuck at 183.2. I was so sure I was going to have to get a new scale but being the tightwad I am I decided to give it one more shot. So after my run I got on the scale and it finally showed me a new number. Next day a different number so I'm still hanging onto my old scale.

Also, my laptop is out of commission so I'm not able to upload my garmin data. My daily mile isn't getting updated with my garmin runs either so sorry! Not to say that I've got much to report in that area anyway.

I'm starting to get noticed on google! Had a google search for upper respiratory infections and half marathon. I've never posted directly on that subject but if you google those two things together I'm on the first page of google search so that's exciting! I will say this though, if the cold is in your chest get some rest! If you're having trouble breathing, coughing, get weak easily, or running a fever, stay home. Its better to take a day or two off to rest up and feel better, rather than to end up with a bronchospasm and in the hospital! If it's in your head, sinus pressure, runny nose, and you feel well enough then go ahead if you must, but truly what's one day off with some chicken noodle soup and a good book or movie to entertain you going to hurt.

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