Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Long Smokes

I've been smoke free for most of the past two weeks. I slipped up on my birthday while we were out drinking.

I'm putting aside $2 a day for every day I don't smoke to by myself a present. I'm torn between a couple of ideas of how to spend my money.
I really want to have my underarms done. I would have to be smoke free for about a year.
I had braces as a kid but never wore my retainers and I'd love to have a beautiful smile again. I would have to be smoke free for about 18 months, plus still be covered under my wonderful dental insurance. 
Master the Met - Fight for Air Climb. As a former smoker and an asthmatic what better way to show I'm done with the nicotine than to climb 40 stories! Plus stairs are my enemy so it'll be great exercise. Registration is $30 so I'll have enough money the day after tomorrow and the event is March 13, 2013.

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