Monday, April 23, 2012

Racing Dilema

So in the same line as what I posted yesterday I wanted to blog about my resolution to run 12 races in 2012. When I made this plan I'd only run 4 other races, I wasn't running on a regular basis and well I was hoping to motivate myself.

Now I find myself struggling to find a race a month that fits into the plan (3 halfs, 4 10ks, 5 5ks). I'm also finding additional races that I'd like to run. The 2 I've been eye balling are only a 5 and 10k so it isn't like I'm adding huge amounts of mileage on here and neither are directly on top of one of the halfs. Plus these 2 others are Go! St. Louis races which I've already mentioned I'm quite fond of and I'd love to support their effort to go beyond the 2 races they currently offer. Plus they have cool bling. So what do you think? Add the races and stop being such an OCD freak or stick with my original plan and pile on all I can take next year?

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