Friday, April 20, 2012

May Race

I did end up getting an email from the race coordinator of the race I was planning on running in May. They said they didn't have many people sign up and that they could either refund my entry fee or register me for a mud run they are doing in June. I am out of town for my June half marathon During the mud run plus I really don't have much desire to do a mud run. Plus it is my goal to do a race a month, so I needs my May run!

Now I come to my second part of the dilemma, finding a May race that works with my schedule. I found a 5k that is not to far away but far enough that I'd need to get a hotel for the night before. So it would be $50 for a night in a hotel, $30 for the 5k. $80 bucks is a lot just to get my 5k in plus I don't even get bling. They are doing a half the same weekend and the cost is $70 and I get bling but it's only a week before the San Diego half and I don't want to be dead for San Diego.

I'm off for memorial day weekend (but not memorial day, go figure) so there HAS to be a decent 5 or 10k somewhere in this metro area right?

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