Monday, February 24, 2014

I Am the Stair Master!

Today was a pretty healthy day overall! I ate a total of 1708, which is 318 calories over my goal but fiancé and kiddo and I did a 1 mile walk for his Read, Right, Run program then after kiddo went to bed I headed to the gym.

I took my iPad mini to the gym with me and dedicated myself to the stairmaster. I managed to stay on for 30 minutes and I must say I'm a little proud of myself, seeing as I hate that stupid machine. I actually had sweat running down my face when I was finished. It was fantastic. Afterwards I did 6 miles on the recumbent stationary bike as a cool down. I burnt enough calories to end up with a 100 calorie deficit for the day so not bad overall. I'm hoping that I can stay motivated and reach my goals!

Also, you can friend me on myfitnesspal if you'd like, my username is blb2870.

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