Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Wake Up Call

Fiancé and I weighed in today. It was a little sad for me, the scale said 212.6, which is the highest I've ever seen on the scale. Fiance's number wasn't very good either so we both decided to start tracking our food on myfitnesspal again.

I set my goal at 1.5 pound loss per week, which gives me 1,390 calories per day. I was originally going to do 2 pounds per week but it felt a little to restrictive and honestly with 77.6 pounds to lose I thought that 1.5 pounds a week was plenty fast enough. 

I ended up doing ok for my first day, I went over my calorie count by 410 calories but overall I made some better choices for the day. Hopefully doing this together will make it easier, it helps that kiddo loves his vegetables!

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