Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting it together

Monday was to be a 3 mile run that didn't happen. Once my husband got home, we had dinner and I did some much needed grocery shopping it was getting late and I had to work Tuesday which meant the alarm was going off at 4:40 am, like it or not. 

I know that they say if you miss a workout don't try to make it up but I felt great even though I had been up for almost 16 hours. I went ahead and went out for the run because it was my first day without a cigarette, I ate like crap mad for once I really really wanted to run, so I did. 

My run felt pretty good I did 3 miles in 47:30 on my usual out and back route. I changed my intervals from 1:14 to 1:9.  I had a little bit of shin pain but that was it. 

Tomorrow has 4 miles on the schedule. It's another busy day with the kiddo, dinner and early to bed for work on Thursday. I'm starting to formulate a plan and hoping my husband can help so that I make sure to get my miles in tomorrow. 

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