Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Frustrating Day

Today was an interesting, frustrating day. For a while during the last school year the kiddo has been asking to be homeschooled. Husband and I decided that this summer we would keep working with kiddo to prevent him from losing any of his smarts over the summer. We picked up a workbook for kids going into second grade and I have been giving him a few worksheets each day that he didn't have summer camp. How many he got was tied to what fun activity (and how long it would take) we were going to do after he was finished with his work.

Today we planned to go see a movie at the theater, something we don't do frequently in our family.  The local theaters have a "summer series" where most Wednesdays and Thursdays they play a previously released kids movie for $1 per ticket. I gave the kiddo very few chores and very few sheets. I told him we would check and correct anything that was wrong after the movie since we had to be there at 10.

When we got home from the movie I started checking the worksheets, I remembered last night when I was getting everything ready thinking that it was a lot of pages but most of it was really easy so I figured he wouldn't have any issue. The pile today seemed much lighter. I looked around for hidden papers and looked in the trash. I asked the kiddo about it and of course he had no idea. So I made him bring me all of the previous worksheets and told him I was going to put them all in order and see what was missing and that we were going to keep going until we figured out where all the papers were. So after he let me sort through all of these darn papers and I asked him again he finally confessed to throwing some away, then after I told him it still wasn't enough he brought me more from his room. After a bit more prodding he admitted he has been doing it for several days. Sigh 7 year olds!

Anyway, there was plenty more after that that was frustrating me but I did manage to get out of the house around 4:30 pm to do my 4 miles. I hit up one of my favorite running paths and even though there were storm clouds in the sky I completed my 4 mile run without any rain drops and actually enjoyed a drop in humidity and temperature thanks to the storm clouds.

My legs definitely felt like I ran a hilly 3 miles yesterday, the first few times I ran I felt like I was running in molasses. My legs started to feel better in the later intervals though. My heart never went over 180 which is better than I have been able to keep my max heart at for a while, and depending on who you consult my max heart shouldn't be above 181-192 so I kept it low enough to appease them all.

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