Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well I said that Friday was going to be a busy day and it was. I ended up getting up a little later than I had planned, I helped the kiddo finish up his schoolwork and then his reward for the day was to go to the pool so after lunch we headed up to the pool.

Since we normally don't go to the pool during the middle of the day on a weekday it is very rare that we get the pool to ourselves but the kiddo and I did ended up being the only ones there. Kiddo still can't quite swim so we worked on floating on his stomach and swimming underwater. I tried to get him to do a front flip but we didn't quite manage to master that. I only planned to stay for about 90 minutes and at about 85 minutes the clouds started to roll in and right at 90 minutes it started to rain.

After the pool we headed home and changed to head to grandmas. Kiddo and hubby had spent time together during the morning so kiddo decided that given the option he'd rather go to grandma and grandpas for the night rather hang out with dad and Bethany for the night. I drove him over to grandmas house which is about a 40 minute drive with no traffic, of course though I hit traffic both ways. By the time I made it home my husband was already home, since he'd left work a bit early. I baked him a german chocolate cake and after we had our cake, we headed to dinner, then saw the new Transformers movie.

By the time we made it home it was after midnight and besides my ninety minutes of lazy time pool time I didn't get in any consistent cardio.

On Saturday, my husband and I got up early to go over to his parents new place to finish laying down flooring. We tore up 1200 sq ft of carpet and padding in their new home and have been putting down new laminate flooring. We stayed there until 9 pm, stopping only for lunch and dinner. While I'm sure I burnt plenty of calories I didn't do my planned cardio.

Today, I just couldn't get myself out of bed. every now and then I have days where I'm just exhausted and feel like I could sleep all day. Today I proved I could by sleeping for the better part of 14 hours. I woke up feeling very refreshed and after I showered I ran an errand and then had dinner out with my family. I ended up not eating much since I ordered ribs and they came out crunchy and burnt, I sent them back, which I never do and the next set came out even more inedible so I just gave up and my meal consisted of a small salad and mashed potatoes. I ended up going out to have a drink with a group of people I hadn't seen in a while. After I came home and decided to go out for a 30 minute walk even though it was technically a rest day. I managed to do about 1.85 miles, my garmin died in the last 8 minutes so I used to figure out about what I did.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a 3 mile but the heat index is supposed to get up to 110 degrees so it might have to be in on the treadmill.

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