Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday I had to work all day and I got home a little later than normal so I decided that I would head to the gym to do it on the treadmill. Even though I have a treadmill in my apartment but I really wanted to check out the new location that my gym opened near by so I headed over. I managed to finish about a half a mile and was just done. So I headed home and vowed to do it on Friday instead.

After sleeping until noon, I finally got up and around and went out to eat with my husband and kiddo.  After we got home I continued my sleep with a quick nap on the couch. After I woke up, I got the boys packed up and ready for the pool and I headed out at 3:30 for my 3 mile run. My garmin is out in the car though so I haven't updated dailymile and I don't remember exactly what time I finished.

I did a some what new route from my apartment. I am planning on doing 5 miles tomorrow so I had already mapped out a route that would take me from my front door and down the street I usually run on the has a sidewalk to a busier road with a large shoulder to the running/bike trail I usually run on then I'll turn around and head back the same way, provided I time everything right I will finish my 5 miles at my gym and I'm hoping that I'll feel up to doing the 9 am yoga class.

After my run I met my husband, kiddo, aunt and cousins at the pool. The kids swam for a while and we ended up having a water fight and involving my husband and I so after I removed my heart rate strap I jumped in the pool and joined in. We headed home to change and then headed to the 4th of July carnival and barbecue in the next town over. We had barbecue, rode a bunch of rides and got a great spot for fireworks. The boys decided to sit on the roof of my SUV and The rest of us set up our camp chairs behind the SUV.

I really hate loud noises and we were REALLY close to where they were actually setting the fireworks off. I ended up covering my ears for most of the display. My husband loves fireworks though and I think he really loved getting to be that close to the action. We decided to let the boys have a sleepover so my cousin is staying over. They are both early risers but stayed up way past their bedtimes so we'll see if they wake up before me or not.

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