Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back on the Run

This week I started back on my couch to 5K, Thursday was week 1 day 1. I ran it on the treadmill, mostly for motivation for time and speed, since I was still recovering from my sinus infection. Warm up, cool down and the walk periods were all at 3.5 mph and the run was at a 6.0 mph, I kept the incline at 1.0 and I completed the run as directed. 2.07 miles in 30 minutes, not the greatest time ever but it is a start.

After my run I headed home to get some sleep before I headed back to work. I was still not feeling great, my throat was starting to hurt but I had thus far avoided the bronchitis that usually follows any case of sinusitis I have. Medication on board and I still couldn't sleep, I was just miserable and starving. I ate anything that sounded good and was readily available which landed me a pretty nasty stomach ache.

Friday was my rest day, although I don't know how much rest I actually got. After working my overnight shift, I had to stay over for a training class. I of course didn't get to bed right away, I spent some time chatting with the boyfriend and watching my new obsession, Amish Mafia! Have I mentioned I am addicted to this show! I love me some Lebanon Levi, sorry baby... I was also super excited to see 18 visitors to my blog before noon on Friday, and my very first comment made me feel excited and special, so thanks to everyone that stopped by to take a look!

After I finally made myself turn the TV off and got some sleep it was back to work for one more shift before the weekend and while the busy night and running my butt off around that ER should count as a workout it sadly doesn't so I'm home for the day and planning on getting some sleep before getting week 1 day 2 of Couch to 5K checked off my training list for today and week 1 day 3 tomorrow.

Also I laughed to hard when I read this The Awful Truth about Jogging over at CAUTION: Redhead Running. You should definitely read this article and checkout the Friday Faves at Redhead Running!

What's your training look like this weekend? Any races on your calendar?

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  1. looks like you are on the run constantly…. Busy bee indeed