Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's been a while...

Where have I been? My last post was 2 months and 3 weeks ago. My fiance and I finished a 5K in May with less than stellar finish times, he didn't want to leave me so he slowed his pace to keep up with me, a complete 180 from last year when I slowed my pace to stick with him to the finish. Then on May 31st, my fiancé became my husband and we enjoyed a week long honeymoon in St. Pete's Beach, Florida. My husband has been injured since before the wedding and so between my usual lack of motivation added to feeling like I needed to do a thousand things and be a thousand places and having him be in so much pain, our training has fallen to the wayside and our weight has started to climb back up.

We've returned home and mostly settled back into our normal day to day routine. Kiddo is out of school and home with me 2 days a week, he is in summer camp 2 days a week and with his mother 1 day a week. Husband has seen a doctor and though it didn't fix his problem we are hopeful that the pain will resolve before he has to have surgery to attempt to fix this problem. I will be starting to work a bit more in July and August as we are hoping to save up a bit of money for a downpayment on a mobile home near his parents until we can get ourselves in the best financial place to fulfill our dreams of buying a significant amount of acreage and building our dream home.

We still are hoping to run the marathon in October and next week will put us at exactly 16 weeks until the marathon, so I modified our training plan from a longer more involved plan to a 16 week beginner plan.

October will also be a much more significant point in our lives as that is the month we have decided to start trying to get pregnant. This is a huge thing for me as I am already 28 and have never been pregnant, though obviously my husband has been there/done that already. The thought of trying to become pregnant and having a baby has been a huge motivator for me to resume my fitness routine and try to become healthier.

Currently I am a half a pack a day smoker and weight 210 pounds. Obviously there are many factors that I can't control when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy but those are two things that I have to power to change to prepare myself for pregnancy and having a child.

My height and weight places my BMI at 33.9 which is considered obese. I also have a diagnosis of PCOS which could make it more difficulty for me to get pregnant. If I lose weight not only will I have less risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia but a better chance of getting pregnant in the first place. This might be more than you wanted to know but I promise you that it is in fact leading back around to something blog related.

Being active is important at any points of our lives but also during pregnancy and it should also help with bringing my weight to a better range to prior to pregnancy. I'm hoping that in the next 16-17 weeks I can bring my weight from 210 to 185, which would put my BMI 29.9 and to the overweight category. I'd need to get my weight to 155 to be considered in the normal. However I think that goal is unrealistic by October but if we are unable to conceive immediately I would continue to work towards obtaining a normal BMI.

As for overall cardio, I am starting this week with just 30 minutes of walk/run 4 days this week. I did a run 1 minute, walk 14 min x 2 with a warm up and cool down yesterday, I finished 1.71 miles. I plan on doing the same general workout for 3 other days this week and then Monday I will start the marathon training in mileage and mileage only. I plan to run what feels comfortable and increase it as much as possible without injury. The Rock N Roll St. Louis Marathon has a 7 hour course time limit which correlates to a 16:02 min mile. I'd obviously be happy just to finish but I'd love to finish under 6 hours.

So there you have it, in one very long winded post with a bit of TMI and some lofty goals for the next 16 weeks. Oh and by the way, I didn't touch on it in the previous paragraphs but my husband and I are planning on quitting smoking on July 1st.

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