Friday, January 31, 2014

Dresses, Miles and the end of January!

Sorry I missed yesterday's post. I spent the afternoon with my mother, my future mother in law, and my best friend/man of honor doing some wedding dress shopping. After about an hour I found the perfect dress. Can I just say I don't understand how many of the brides out there do the big floor length gowns with trains that go out the door? I couldn't stand it and all the crap I had to wear under it! I tried on a couple different floor length gowns before I was almost in tears I was so uncomfortable and unhappy with how I looked in the gowns. I asked the lady at the store if I could try some tea length gowns.

When she finally came back with a few length gowns, I got to take off that damn slip and put on the tea length dress. I felt so much better! I went out and saw myself in the mirror I was so much happier and more comfortable and thought I looked so pretty. I tried on one other tea length dress just to make sure that it wasn't the comfort. I got one look at myself in the mirror with the other dress and I was like nope. I put the other dress back on and I was sold. Well technically the dress was sold but stil!

After that I spent a little more time with my mom until I started to feel under the weather again. My throat and ears got really sore and I just wanted to get some sleep. I ended up coming home and cooking a quick dinner and heading to bed.

After 16 hours of sleep, I managed to peel myself out of bed and try to be productive. I managed to clean the house and complete my 4 mile run, that was technically on the schedule for yesterday but since today was a rest day anyway I just figured I would flip them. I felt pretty good during the entire run and have been feeling good for all my runs this week but the full marathon schedule I am currently training with has me scheduled for 12 miles tomorrow.

I'm still doing 4:1 walk:run intervals so a mile is taking me about 15 minutes. The weather is supposed to get pretty nasty here tonight and everything is supposed to have a thin layer of ice under an inch or so of snow. I don't know that I am willing to chance an injury or an asthma attack to run outside. I still don't have a replacement for my Garmin that was broken by one of my coworkers broke and still hasn't paid me back for so I would have to rely on my iphone for tracking. What I'm trying to say here is just that I'm kinda stuck on the treadmill for now. 12 miles, almost 3 hours on the treadmill sounds a little painful.

Either way 12 miles on the treadmill can't be more stressful than planning a wedding and hey, I'll burn enough calories for a nice treat.

Since it's the last day of January I thought I would update my resolutions.
Miles completed 19 (miles completed Jan 2013 9)
No races completed.

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