Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Status Update

I ended up not running the Go! St. Louis series. I wasn't feeling well and I hadn't been running. So I just didn't go but I didn't want to give up. I knew I needed to find a program to follow instead of just winging it. So I downloaded the couch 2 5K app. So far I'm only through week 2 day 1. I'm walking at 3.5 and running at 6.0 mph. My latest run was 2.18 miles in 31 minutes.

I've been doing all my runs on the treadmill for now but I'll be doing a 5k on May 18th. I'll be on week 4 day 2 by then so I will be walking and running but I'm still hoping to beat my course record for this race which is 39:05.

After I finish the C25K I'm headed to the C210K!

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