Thursday, May 30, 2013


A less than stellar night at work and having the boyfriend out of town on a business trip have me a little on the melancholy side but I'm hoping that I can hit the gym for a 30 minute run and a yoga class and cheer myself up. Hopefully I'm far enough over this cold to make it through 90 minutes at the gym!
I decided to start making a better effort to track my caloric intake. My diet is my serious downfall. I have a fairly active job but I tend to get upset and binge or mindlessly snack. Also I used to eat out a lot and I never thought about portion size or how much butter something was covered in.
As an aside, two more of my coworkers mentioned that I'd put on weight and that my scrubs are too tight. I get that I've put on weight and that my scrubs are tighter than they used to be but they really have no place to say such things. How I hate working with 174 women!

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