Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yep that's me. A true blue slacker, I haven't been blogging or running, and I've gained weight.

I'm scheduled for a marathon in one week, I should be tapering but my last run was 23 days ago and it was 2.5 miles. The longest I've run since my last half marathon was 10 miles on the 17th of February. I'm definitely thinking the marathon is a no go, the half marathon is a possibility, but the 5k is most likely. I refuse to not run a race in this series. I've run it the past 3 years, it was my first ever 5k and there's just no way I want to miss it this year.

I'm scheduled for a few races later on in the year and I'm definitely wanting to run them. My goals for 2013 were to earn 13 medals and to run a marathon. I still have 8 months in 2013 to accomplish these goals so its definitely something I should be ale to accomplish.

My weight is up to around 189 and that's my other goal for 2013 is to get to 135 by the end of the year. That's six pounds per month and I'm starting April 1 so we will see how that goes. I'm using my fitness pal which is telling me that if I eat 1640 calories a day I should lose 1 pound per week just based on diet. This means in order to get my 1.5 pounds per month I'll need to burn 1750 calories per week in exercise. I'm definitely anxious to get back to running and am planning on spending some time today looking at training plans. I'd like to add flexibility, swimming, bike and P90X into that. The biking will come into play more this summer with my new boyfriend and his 6 year old son. I'd like to start the flexibility right along side the running so that I don't end up with an injury.

April 1st is my start date for all this. It's time I got myself back in order.

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