Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weight Watchers

Well I've finally had enough, I was down to 179 at the beginning November, then back up to 184 and I had just kept doing over and over again, lose a couple pounds, gain it right back. I was just so fed up. I have no self control and I work in a place where everyone brings snacks. We work 12 hour shifts and are usually so busy that lunch means taking 5 minutes to eat a sandwich in the clean room. For me this usually meant ordering pizza or a burger and fries and just grabbing a bite whenever I could.

Enter weight watchers, I've tried calorie counting but I could never remember to write everything down and then I would eat over my calorie limit for the day and be upset and want to give up and I did. Time after time I just gave up and in my failure I would binge, it doesn't seem to be any one thing in particular, some times its sandwich after sandwich or lately anything sweet. Craving sweets really isn't like me, I usually am not a sweets person at all but the craving has been there and I've eaten everything sweet in my house.

I'm not saying that I have been perfect on the weight watchers plan but I'm sticking with it at least for now. I weighed in last week at 184 and today's weigh in was 180.6 so I've made some progressive. Maybe the more weight loss I see the more I'll stick with it.

I still have the possibility of safely making it down to 169 by the end of the year but it will a lot of hard work.

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