Sunday, November 25, 2012

Race #13 Dan Jones Black Friday 6K

Well since I worked on Thanksgiving and couldn't do a turkey trot and because I had overslept on the day of my 10K earlier this month, I decided to do a Black Friday 5K. I thought to myself what a cute idea!

I managed not to oversleep this race, mostly because I didn't get off work until 4:30 and only slept for an hour or so before I got up to get ready. It was about 45 degrees when I left my house and I decided it would be a brilliant idea to wear shorts. I never, ever, ever, ever run races in shorts! I don't know what made me decide that it was a bright idea this day of all days. In my defense I was actually pretty warm when I left the house. My dumb ass forgot that the run was around a lake and it was windy and cold and I sat in my car until the race started at 9. The cold air was hell on my asthma as well. It was also a 6K, not a 5K.

The race was small and on a course I was very familiar with. I think that if I had worn something warmer and perhaps something to cover my mouth and nose to warm and humidify my breath, I could have done much better than a 13:04 pace.

After I was finished I went straight to my car, I was so cold and so tired and miserable I didn't want anything to do with the finish line festivities, I just wanted the fabulous heater my car had to offer. From what I was told for the size of the event the finish line fare was outstanding. I know before I ran I noticed lots of water, fruit, baked goods, coffee and hot chocolate.

Unofficial time 48:45. I still haven't managed to find any listing with an official time or any kind of ranking. So I'm going with the garmin.

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