Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another DNS

Yesterday provided me with yet another DNS for the record books. I've registered for 17 races and have run 12 with 2 in the future. I had to switch my races, I'm running a 5k in November and a 10K in December. I have decided to give up my work Christmas party in order to run the 10k in December since I will have to travel to get to it but there will be bling!

I'm discovering that trying to run a race after I work the night before doesn't work well for me. I've tried for 3 and only run 1 which was a night that I worked 6pm - 6am instead of my usual 2pm - 2am. In my defense one of the 2 I was so sick that running just wasn't a good idea anyway. The run yesterday was simply that I slept through my alarm after a particularly busy night at work. I scheduled 1 more race after a night at work. I'm going to run a 5k the Friday after Thanksgiving. Holidays tend not to be that busy in the ER so I'm hoping for an easy night and maybe that the census will be so low they can send me home early.

I'm determined to finish this goal for 2012. Some people would say I've already run my 12, which was my primary goal but at the same time, being the person that I am, I had set sub goals, the race every month and the 3/4/5 goal.

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