Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My flights out of San Diego and LA had no delays and I actually made it back to St. Louis 20 minutes earlier than planned. I will never fly from San Diego to LA to St. Louis, ever, ever again though.

The flight from San Diego to LA was actually really nice. It was a small plane, and I left from the commuter terminal so I had to walk out to the plane which was a first for me. The flight took us up the coast line at 10,000 feet. This resulted in having quite the view, from one side of the plane you could see the ocean and from the other side you could see the coast. It was pretty neat. The landing was horrible though, apparently I am not tightening my seatbelt well enough for starters. We landed pretty hard and braked even harder, which resulted in a pretty big jolt. I'm glad no one was carrying a child on their lap because it might have ended poorly. After landing and getting my carry on I had to take the shuttle from the commuter terminal to terminal 4. They drive those things on the damn runway! Anyway, I made it to my gate with about 15 minutes to spare and grabbed some snacks for the 3.5 hour flight.

The flight from LA to St. Louis was uneventful. I slept, ate, regretted not fully charging my electronics the night before and read a book. Soon I was back in St. Louis, catching the metro link and heading to the hospital to pick my car up from the parking garage and headed home. I've mostly unpacked and have settled into my bed. I've got tomorrow off work and then I have to return to work on Thursday.

I'll get my race recap posted tomorrow. I need to pick up a transfer device for my camera's SD card. I've decided not to go back and insert pictures into previous posts and will be making a post with nothing but pictures instead.

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