Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Race Schedule

So the first of the updates, my busy personal and work schedules have also been complicated by a crowded race schedule.

Last weekend was supposed to be the Notre Dame Fall Festival 4 mile run. My work schedule changed and I ended up with another DNS on my record but again, my money went to a great cause.

This weekend I'm accomplishing a first, I'm volunteering for a local race. I'll be a course monitor, ensuring that no one gets run over or turned the wrong direction and of course, no bandits!

October 21st is race #12, the St. Louis Rock N Roll half-marathon. I'm hoping for another personal record. I've never not set a new record in my half category. Each race has shown an improvement in my time and I'd like to continue that trend right on down to a sub 1:30 half marathon!

November 3 is my last 10k of 2012, after that I'm done with the 3 halfs, 4 10ks and 5 5ks part of my 12 in 12 goal. I haven't found a December race yet for the one race a month in 2012 part of my goal.

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