Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Well I worked one of my extra shifts last night and had to stay over for a charge nurse meeting. I was not feeling like going home, changing and going to the gym. I managed to talk myself into it though. I said at first well I'll sleep and then get up an hour earlier than normal and do it then, but I know me and I knew it wasn't happening. I would end up sleeping in and would not have gotten my workout in.
So I chilled for a little bit at the house and then I convinced myself to get off the couch and I went and jumped on the treadmill for my 3.1 miles and finished n 45:36. Not my fastest 5k but I am still coughing a lot so I'm trying really hard not to push myself. I've also been trying to run just a little faster each time by removing 1 minute from my total time as well as burn more calories each time. Then after I finish on the treadmill I get on this stair strider thingy that the boyfriend loves and I loathe to round my calories burned to the next 100 but it burns like 9-10 calories per minute and gets me to the burn I want quickly.
I was worried with being on the steroids that my weight would balloon way over 200. I couldn't resist stepping on the scale today. I'm not saying a thing since I weigh in in just 31 hours.

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